Runaway Heart


The runaway heart, a freight train at 200 beats per minute, two and a half continuous hours and it’s time to stop the heart…. stop the heart? Emergency room ghouls stop your heart, three seconds, you are not dead, but something is pulled from the bottom of the soles of your feet and slammed to the underside of your cranial dome and flattened there, tight, solid, crushing, a grey-black moment of an eternity of compression. But the life-flood isn’t let out, it reconstitutes back through the veins, begins to fill back into the limbs until your petty conscious focus returns. The heart, –traitorous beast that it is– returns to a semblance of normal. Sulk-ishly resisting suggestion, but for the moment, a panting, uncertain panic of a moment, the heart releases it’s strangulation hold. Then it sits defiant and petulant in the chest, satisfied in it’s efforts for attention, having exhausted and fried the wiring of its shabby vessel. The heart, nothing but a shill for the subconscious ring master, circus huckster, invisible, immutable Loki trickster. The holographic reflections of the universe will demand their moments…because mere moments are all infinity can claim.


7 thoughts on “Runaway Heart

  1. Serious reflective contemplative stuff. Well- written in a way that gains one an insight into the scenes of ER and suchlike . Loved the notion of hearts residing in the chests all in a sulk, ‘defiant and petulant’. Must remember just to live the life moment to moment.

    1. I had to get back at that chest muscle in some way after the hectic and expensive night it tortured me with. This piece I think comes the closest to it without experiencing it all over again. HA.

  2. I was captured from the very first word, each pulling me along to the next. I loved the sentence “you are not dead, but something is pulled from the bottom of your soles…” Did you mean this a a parody to the soul being pulled from the body? It’s striking because the event is so traumatic that I could imagine it feeling like ones soul is being pulled from the body while still alive. Well done.

    1. Thank you for your great comments Marianne. This short write was obviously after the fact…but it’s interesting how many things go through your mind during a traumatic event that you aren’t aware of until sometime afterward an in my case, the recollection manifested in this piece. Thank you for the read, please stop by again.

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