What is this World Becoming?


2 thoughts on “What is this World Becoming?

  1. One surrealist image follows another and we all just have to sit back and say Wow. Each image is packed with symbolism yet is clear to any one capable of deeper thought than it takes to watch a T.V chat show. Wherever these images came / come from, one can only be envious of your ability to summon them up and translate them into words for us. Old- fashioned saying but it fits: this is way out.

  2. “Way out” hahaahha, that’s where I am and where I’m a gonna stay. I’ve always searched for different ways of seeing things. I don’t know if that’s the teacher training, the artist training or the musician experience, but all of it seem to come into play when I write. I’m glad you caught that Al, everything, including the pace of reading is intentional to bring across the, hopefully, layers of communication. Thanks very much for all your great comments.

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