Light Prisms

IMG_198original copy

There was a morning moon showing and something unusual happened. The rays of an early sun ignited the moon into a phosphorous dish. The sky was thickened by a sapphire vapor that sank down, staining the trees and buildings as if dying Easter eggs floated above them. The blue dye effect didn’t stain everything and left a beige blotchy line below the blue stain.

The breaking sun created light flares off the moon that morphed into gilded bird cages. These giant cages floated to earth and then turned molten and alloyed with the ground. Loud sizzling bubbles sent up flamingo mist that settled against every tree limb and building wall. A duotone of sapphire and flamingo spread viral across the planet.

Only a bastard black charing filled in windows, and outlined stone structures. The trees soon died and stood shrunken and charred. The moon’s phosphorous flame fizzled out, reducing it to a cooled, chrome plated crescent that faded dull into the thin, vaporous stratosphere.

This fantastic coloration petrified what was left into lost artifacts.


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