The Sky Is Melting


“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…” As told by a little chicken once upon a time. He was only looking for closure to his Gestalt Happy Meal. Just a little fryer looking for the real world, trying to be a mind in his own legend. Maybe that wee fowl discovered the bandwagon wasn’t singing “Happy Days are Here Again” anymore. Maybe he finally realized lemmings are just stupid, furry little rodents that eat their own feces.

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…“ Would you like a nice Biscotti to go along with that hobo-shoe coffee while you’re waiting? Sorry, the trendy local coffee house is closed. No more wireless cloud network, so sad, too bad. Maybe you can find a wire-frame, fur covered surrogate mommy hen to kiss it and make it all better.

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…” Chicken Little’s agitated barnyard cries and frantic running around would make more sense if his head was lopped off. The beat poets’ had it right, life’s all groove and
no vinyl, it’s all skin and no bones, it’s living jazz that doesn’t let you resolve back into the same life ruts and routines that chained and suffocated you in the first place.

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…” Yeah, in trickles of back-stories, scribbled and dribbled on huge Pollock canvases, then scrutinized for DNA viruses. The clip-on-tie lie all for grandma’s apple pie. A deadened sight on a memory. How do you go about compartmentalizing a Kraken? China Syndrome hunks, puddling in humanity’s radioactive abyss. Everything comes to rest, collects in the crevices and gutters like so much ticker-tape confetti.

“The sky is melting, the sky is melting…“ You know what? Any  hold-outs were minimized to such an extent that they just gave up trying to communicate their last shreds of sanity. Up became down and these misfits couldn’t re-orient themselves anthropologically upright. They were too tired, too depressed, too medicated, and trans-humanly degraded. Must’a been somthin’ in the water, but who cares, whatever. Yeah, wtf, right?

If I were you, I’d Just go on vacation
Consume umbrella-drink libation
an’ dream ‘bout spiritual revelation.

Come on, gimme some skin
by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin
Just don’t lose your dopamine grin

Time to circle the wagons
drain and stack mead flagons
you’ve slain the very last dragon.

There’s a new Renaissance a comin’ called the Apocalypse… be there or be square little chicken.


Mayan Sunset

The hour slotted, the sky mottled and filled to near bursting with immense, oily, slithering yellow blobs; like viscus organic matter viewed under a microscope. A distant toll announced sunset, when everything turns to dark silhouette and the horizon briefly glows a cool melange of pastel pinks and purples before bleeding into a dark indigo and the stars glisten in black satin.

But this twilight changed. A burnt, orange-yellow churned the setting sun into a broken egg yoke. Green’s from the earth hemorrhaged into the last gemstone blue of the sky as yellow crude filled the stratosphere like a glass fishbowl overflowing with dead goldfish. This sudden transformation made everything look small, the oblique magnification dwarfed everything below, turning black silhouette’s into charcoal sketches on a matchbook cover.

Spilled finger paint, dripped to the earth, running in stringy globs over an invisible edge. Once again the world was revealed to be flat, mocking all scientific thought and hypothesis, proving it’s not what you believe, only that there must be a capacity to believe. The skeptics screamed,gnawing at the gristle and bone of their fingers in terror. The faithful lay down and were molded, drown in a darkening celestial coagulant.

Processional change is different each time the calendar ends.many-faces-me-AtS